Our streaming payments solution bridges the gap between free and subscription content, enabling new sources of revenue for publishers. In the process, we enable greater access to information and a fairer internet for all.


StreemPay was born out of a frustration with paywalls during a time when we’ve all become 24/7 digital consumers because of COVID-19. Yet paywalls are popping up across the Internet, preventing people from accessing what they want or need. Even before the pandemic, the number of leading US news outlets using paywalls jumped from 60% to 76%, according to a 2019 Reuters Institute report. Yet the conversion rate for some industries is sometimes less than 1%.  

The problem we're solving

The fundamental flaw with paywalls is that it forces us, the users, to pay up front for content we haven’t consumed. Users then have to claw back the value before their next subscription charge. If you have multiple subscriptions every month, it doesn’t feel like good value; it feels like a burden. That’s why most people - 74% UK, 63% US - have just one subscription; its ‘subscription saturation’.

The result is that competition for subscribers becomes absolutely brutal. To survive, businesses have to resort to increasing spending and decreasing prices to attract new subscribers away from competitors, which puts an unsustainable squeeze on revenue.

Our solution

We believe it’s time to solve the ‘Paywall Problem’ for both users and businesses. StreemPay is a payment platform for businesses to let users pay as they go. It’s like setting up a tab, but one that works at every bar and restaurant on the street. You visit different sites, no login or registration required, we track what you consume, then we charge you at the end of the week and distribute the funds to each site accordingly.  This isn’t micropayments. It’s dynamic streaming payments.

Users get seamless access to content with full control and transparency over their spending, paying only for the content they consume, and setting spending limits if they need to. Businesses tap into a long tail of potential customers and revenue, and can calibrate StreemPay to keep loyal users happy and complement existing business models, e.g. capping what users pay each month to match an existing subscription plan.

At the end of the day, it’s the Internet we’ve always wanted. One that is open and accessible with pay streams, not sectioned and closed off with paywalls.

We provide

  • Dynamic payment solutions. A one-size-doesn’t-fit-all subscription paywall model no longer works for today’s content consumers. Our streaming payments platform allows users to customize their sources of content, and pay for only the content they consume.
  • Revenue diversification. With StreemPay content creators can diversify revenue by earning more from regular, non-subscribing visitors, while still retaining loyal fans.
  • Valuable insights. Gain deep insights into customer content behavior and leverage industry insights to benchmark performance and find new opportunities.

Our values

Amazingly adaptable. StreemPay works to maximize and complement your existing business model and performance metrics—adapting to meet what works best for you and your customers.

Determinedly developer-friendly. We want installing and using StreemPay to be incredibly easy with documentation so clean and clear that you are tracking revenue and insights within minutes.

Unflappably user-focused. Our users will feel so protected and supported as they enjoy their seamless browsing experience that they won’t even remember we’re there.

Radically reliable. Whether a customer or user, StreemPay will never, ever let you down with 100% uptime and do-or-die customer support.

Find us on Twitter @StreemPay or sign up for an account at our landing page on streempay.com.