Outdated payment options ignore the needs of most consumers.

Old school

When it comes to monetizing online content, publishers and content creators have primarily relied on the same two tools for decades—advertising and subscription paywalls.

The first remains in steady decline. The second is a ‘one-size-doesn’t-fit-all’ solution that appeals only to discrete segments of publisher's potential audiences and excludes the majority of consumers.

By targeting this 'massive missing middle' with paywalls, businesses end up squeezing their own revenue. They spend more to reach them, reduce prices to convince them to subscribe, and earn less from them as they churn early.

This leaves them unable to realize the full revenue potential of their content.

A new tool that complements the old

Content creators and their audiences are ready for a streaming payments model that increases access to and revenue from quality content. Our streaming payments platform allows your users to pay for only the content they consume, and pay for what they can afford.

With StreemPay your business can bridge the gap between free and subscription content, unlocking new sources of revenue and complementing your existing subscription revenue base. In other words, diversify your revenue by earning more from regular, non-subscribing visitors, while still retaining your loyal base of fans.

As a new type of payments platform it also brings new types of analytics. Gain deep insights into your audience behaviors and leverage industry data to benchmark performance and find new opportunities.

With StreemPay you can be part of the progression toward a more personalised internet, one where all your users can have the flexibility to pay for what they can afford, leaving you to focus on creating great content.