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We all want a more affordable way to access the best online content the Internet has to offer, without the commitment to a single subscription or hassles of a paywall.

An all or (almost) nothing choice

As modern consumers we expect an ever-more personalised online experience, accessing the content we want when we want it. Affordability is key, given that many of us are squeezed for cash.

Most people, when they can afford it, only have 1 news subscription. So we face a dilemma. As more publishers put up paywalls, we have to choose which single source of content we want. This limits our ability to enjoy a rich and varied online experience, and instead becomes an all or nothing choice.

When we reduce our access to content on an individual level, we see a growing information gap at the societal level, as people narrow their sources to only what they’re able to afford.

We deserve better.

We deserve a rich and varied diet of news, information, and other content at levels that are affordable and don't require all or nothing choices.

With StreemPay, you can take the 'bar tab' approach to browsing. Visit the sites you like, no login or sign up required, seamlessly viewing what you like and pay at the end of the month and only for what you consumed. This is payments personalised to your preferences. This is the Internet we've always wanted.

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